repair and maintenance service company Ideal Zanussi washers slave in 1980

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repair and maintenance service company Ideal Zanussi washers slave in 1980

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Centers have been found repair and maintenance service company Ideal Zanussi washers slave in 1980 to work in the field of home appliances and components. We are a company focused on the consumer to operate always bear in mind the needs of its customers. Our strategy is to reach customer satisfaction in the end

During the past three decades, the company was the first choice for the Egyptian consumers and business partners due to our commitment to provide high-quality service and great customer service. '

We have a proven track record of success, which allows our company to gain a leading position in the Egyptian market.Ideal - Zanussi - slave, which was a big success story at the consumer level; awareness and high confidence in the quality and level of trade, and to achieve high sales.

In 2008, we are proud to introduce the all over the world No.1 manufacturer of massage devices, in addition to other world-known brands such as white point, scour the ocean.

We specialize in the repair and maintenance of household appliances "Refrigerator - Washer - Botajmas - Air Conditioning - Dryer.
This strategic cooperation with leading companies in the global market for household appliances confirms the confidence that these giant companies have in the name of the ideal zanussi elabd and capabilities. Through our portfolio of new brands, we offer consumers the widest and latest appliances. This variety of products free standing and built-in clothes covering the full range of care, dish care group, a cooling devices to meet the various needs of consumers kitchen. Each set our new products incorporate the latest technology, and features a high, high quality, reliability, and modern up-to-date designs, environmental and easy to use, and last but not least competitive prices. That products are fully supported by our professional customer service centers:
Agencies were found Repairing washers Ideal Zanussi slave company in 1980 to work in the field of service and maintenance of household appliances and parts and Italian.
Customer Service Centers:
Head Office in Cairo | 33100179.
Maintenance Center Alexandria | 5484188.

Service breakdowns East | 01066558776.
Phone number Franchise Maintenance Mansoura | 01222465083


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